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  • 1 National University of San Luis Department of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences. Faculty of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy Argentina
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The aim of this study was to determine whether testosterone regulates the rate of lipid synthesis in lung. Rats were either sham-operated controls (Co) or castrated (Ca)·[3H] H2O was administered in vivo, twenty-one days after castration. The animals were sacrificed 1h later to ensure that the newly synthesized lipids in the lung had been labeled. The radioactivity incorporated in the different lipid fractions that had been separated by TLC was counted. The results are expressed in ng3H incorporated/h/mg lipids. We observed that the incorporation of3H in total lipids, phospholipids and free cholesterol increased, while trygliceride and esterified cholesterol did not change in castrated rats in relation to the control. These results suggest that the rate of lipid synthesis in the lung is regulated, directly or indirectly by androgens.