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  • 1 Center for Clinical Research Havana Cuba
  • 2 Institute for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Havana Cuba
  • 3 National Center for Scientific Researches Havana Cuba
  • 4 Isotopes Center Havana Cuba
  • 5 National Institute for Oncology and Radiobiology Havana Cuba
  • 6 Orthopedic Hospital “Frank Pais” Havana Cuba
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The aim of this work was to obtain a freeze-dried kit for direct99mTc-labeling of human polyclonal IgG. The labeling procedure was carried out by Schwarz's method. The best yields of99mTc-IgG were obtained by using sodium pyrophosphate decahydrate as a weak chelating agent. Performed tests showed the stability of the radiopharmaceutical up to 24 hours. Plasma clearance in rats was fitted to a biexponential curve withT1/2α=(0.1 ±0.9) h andT1/2β=(10±3) h. The organs with higher uptake of radiopharmaceutical were lung, kidneys and blood. In a rabbit model the abscess target/background ratio was 3–6 according to time of the scintigraphic images. Thirty patients with musculoskeletal infection were studied. Twenty-one lesions were detected and confirmed by culture/biopsy.