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  • 1 Center of Molecular Immunology P.O.Box 16040 11600 Havana Cuba
  • 2 Center for Medical-Surgical Researches (CIMEQ) Calle 216 y 13 11600 Havana Cuba
  • 3 National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology 29 y E, Vedado Havana Cuba
  • 4 Center of Clinical Researches Calle 45 y 34, No. 4501, Rpto Kohly Havana Cuba
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Monoclonal antibody ior egf/r3 is a IgG2a, recognizes the epidermal growth factor receptor. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of the99mTc-labeled ior egf/r3 for the detection of epithelial tumors, its metastasis and its recurrences. The sensitivity by organs was: brain 100%, diegestive tract 90%, head and neck 89%, lung 84% and breast 79%. The overall sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of the immunoscintigraphic imaging were 84.1%, 100%, 86.5%, 100% and 52.4%, respectively. Immunoscintigraphy with99mTc-ior egf/r3 is useful for the diagnosis and follow-up of epithelial tumors.