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  • 1 Centro de Estudios Aplicados al Desarrollo Nuclear (CEADEN) Apartado 6122 Havana Cuba
  • | 2 Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB) Apartado 89000 1080A Caracas Venezuela
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“Cut-off” reflectors, which allow obtaining a reflected beam with almost no high energy radiation, as well as different monochromator devices that reflect a beam of monoenergetic and polarized radiation are the most widely employed artifacts to perform the excitation radiation improvement in analytical “non-expensive” TR spectrometers. The aim of this work consisted in testing several monochromator devices: a multilayer structured mirror for soft X-rays (0.7–12.5 nm), as well as different bent and flat crystals of wavelength dispersive spectrometers. The achieved instrumental detection limits for the selected monochromator device are compared with the values obtained using a Suprasil Cut-off reflector and a C-W multilayer (d∼5 nm). Several human corporal fluid samples were analyzed to compare the spectral characteristics when using the Cut-Off Reflector and the RAP flat crystal, respectively.