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  • 1 Kanazawa University Low Level Radioactivity Laboratory 923-1224 Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa Pref. Japan
  • 2 University of Wales, Bangor School of Ocean Sciences Menai Bridge LL59 5EY Gwynedd UK
  • 3 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Tokaimura, Naka-gun 319-11 Ibaraki Japan
  • 4 Japan Chemical Analytical Center 295-3, Sanno-cho, Inage 263-0002 Chiba Japan
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Long-lived radionuclides,99Tc,137Cs,237Np, Pu isotopes and241Am were determined in the long sediment cores collected from nine intertidal sites around the west Cumbria of the Irish Sea, UK. The inventories of all nuclides measured varied considerably among the sampling sites, but generally their inventories decreased with increasing distance from Sellafield. Furthermore, the inventory ratios with respect to relationship with distance from Sellafield enabled comparison of transport behavior of99Tc,137Cs,237Np and241Am compared with239,240Pu. As a consequence, the apparent fractional rate of solution transport to the intertidal sediment was found to increase as follows:99Tc>137Cs>237Np>239,240Pu≥241Am.