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  • 1 Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety Department of Radiation Environmental Assessment Yusong P.O. Box 114 305-608 Taejon Korea
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A time-saving and accurate technique for determining226Ra in groundwater and soil was examined, using high-resolution inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (HR-ICP-MS). The technique was applied to the determination of226Ra in groundwater and soil samples and compared with the conventional liquid scintillation counting method. This technique was capable of completing226Ra counting within 3 minutes, without the in-growth period to allow radon and its progeny to achieve secular equilibrium with the parent226Ra. The detection limits of HR-ICP-MS for226Ra in groundwater and soil were 0.19 mBq·1−1 and 0.75 Bq·kg−1, respectively, which were about 10 times lower than that of the liquid scintillation counter. The results obtained from HR-ICP-MS in groundwater and soil were in accordance with those of LSC within a relative error of about 13%.