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  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Catalysis 1113 Sofia Bulgaria
  • 2 Sofia University Department of Chemistry 1 J. Bourchier Ave. 1164 Sofia Bulgaria
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EPR-spectroscopic properties (line-intensity,-width, andg-factors) of pyrolized at 550°C sucrose, MgO and MgO doped with Mn2+ ions (500∶1) remain unchanged after high-dose (1–100 kGy) irradiation, whereas CaO gives an EPR signal. These properties of these materials make it possible to use them as internal reference EPR standards in the work under conditions of strong ionisation environment, for precise determination of theG-values of other materials, for obtaining exact magnitudes of increase of the EPR response when the method of additional dose is applied, to follow the kinetics of decay of some radiation induced defects.