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  • 1 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Cyclotron Department Laarbeeklaan 103 B-1090 Brussels Belgium
  • 2 Institute of Nuclear Research of Hungarian Academy of Sciences POB. 51 H-4001 Debrecen Hungary
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Excitation functions were measured by stacked-foil technique for the68Zn(p, 2n)67Ga,68Zn(p,3n)66Ga,natCu(p,xn)62Zn,natZn(p,xn)67Ga,natZn(p,xn)66Ga,natZn(p,px)62Zn andnatZn(p,αx)61Cu nuclear reactions in the energy range from 15–35 MeV. The experimental excitation functions were compared with published data. Our present measurements not only increase the number of available cross section data points for the above reactions, but for some reactions (and in some energy regions) values are presented for the first time.