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  • 1 Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology (BRIT), BARC Vashi Complex Radiopharmaceuticals Programme 400 705 Navi Mumbai India
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A simple immunoradiometric assay for human follicle stimulating hormone (hFSH) was developed using a pair of monoclonal antibodies obtained from commercial sources. The system developed makes use of a capture antibody covalently coupled to magnetisable cellulose, which is a more economical and stable immunosorbent as compared to the other solid phases. The detector antibody is labeled with125I using the chloramine-T oxidation method and purified by gel filtration. After initial cross-matching of the capture and detector antibodies, various assay parameters have been optimised. This assay does not show any significant cross reactivity with homologous hormones. A number of serum samples from men and women from reproductive age group was screened and compared with another commercially available kit (r=0.98). Sensitivity of the assay is 1.4 mIU/ml, interassay variation is <5% and intraassay variation around 15%. The assay is reproducible and sensitive enough for regular estimation of serum hFSH and is relatively inexpensive.