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  • 1 U. S. Food and Drug Administration Elemental Research Branch (HFS-338) 200 C Street SW Washington DC USA
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Thermal neutron capture prompt gamma-ray activation analysis (PGAA) was used to determine mass fractions of H, B, C, N, Na, Cl, K, and S in 2 meat homogenates. Twelve units of candidate Standard Reference Material (SRM) 1546 Meat Homogenate produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were analyzed to provide NIST with certification data. This SRM is a realistic processed food matrix, ideal for food analysis programs such as the Food and Drug Administration's Total Diet Study. Another meat homogenate, Certified Reference Material LGC 7002 Pork/Chicken (along with NIST SRMs 1549 Non-Fat Milk Powder and 1571 Orchard Leaves) was analyzed for quality control. Candidate SRM 1546 unit-to-unit heterogeneity was <2% for H, Na, Cl, and K, and 3.5% for N and within-unit heterogeneity was <2% for H, N, Cl, and K, and 2.9% for Na, similar to LGC 7002 homogeneity results. Control material mass fractions agreed well with certificate and consensus values. Protein mass fractions, calculated from N results, were 15.2% and 11.9% for candidate SRM 1546 and LGC 7002, respectively. Protein content calculated for SRM 1549 (36.0%) agreed well with known values for dried non-fat milk powder.