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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay Radiochemistry Division Mumbai 400 085 India
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Formation cross sections of several fission products have been determined using recoil catcher technique followed by gamma-ray spectrometry in 12C induced fission of 232Th at Elab = 72 MeV, corresponding to Ecm just above the Coulomb barrier. The measured formation cross sections were used to get the mass distribution by using known charge distribution systematic. Critical data analysis was carried out to look for the signatures of transfer induced fission. However, within the experimental uncertainty of about 10%, no clear indication of transfer induced fission could be seen at this energy level. The mass distribution shows a single peaked broad Gaussian distribution with the most probable mass of 119.5±1.1 and FWHM of 40.6 mass units. The total fission cross section computed from the mass distribution curve is 771±50 mb.