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  • 1 Gent University Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Institute for Nuclear Sciences (INW) Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent Belgium
  • | 2 Belgium
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Based on recently measured k0-factors and related nuclear data, an evaluation was performed, via the `activation method', of thermal (n,) activation cross sections. It concerns 15 analytically-relevant cases with a short half-life and/or with a complex activation-decay scheme: 20F, 41Ar, 60mCo/60Co, 71Zn, 77mSe, 80mBr/80Br, 104mRh/104Rh, 109mPd/109Pd/109mAg, 110Ag, 122mSb/122Sb, 124m2Sb/ 124m1Sb/124Sb, 134mCs/134Cs, 179mHf, 199mPt/199Pt/199Au and 205Hg.