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  • 1 Royal Military College of Canada Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering P.O. Box 17000 Stn Forces Kingston Ontario Canada K7K 7B4
  • | 2 DSSPM National Defence Headquarters Ottawa Ontario Canada K1A 0K2
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A computer program entitled SCAAP (Set-up, Calibration, Acquisition and Analysis Program) has been designed to make gamma-ray spectroscopy easily useable by staff in laboratories at the Slowpoke-2 Facility at RMC and in support of the Canadian Forces Nuclear Emergency Response Teams (NERTs). The former group utilises gamma-ray spectroscopy for neutron activation analysis (NAA), while the latter may need to have inhalation dose rates calculated. The intent of this program, written using Microsoft Visual Basic, is to provide a simplified interface between the operator and the spectroscopy equipment and to provide the calculations necessary to produce results quickly. There are five sections (Setup, Calibrate, Acquire, Analyse and NAA) of which the first four are linked. In these sections, a checklist of procedures is presented and automated for the user to set up and calibrate the equipment and then to analyse spectra to provide various dose rates. In the unlinked section, NAA, gamma-ray spectra are analysed to provide elemental concentrations in samples.