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  • 1 Swiss Federal Institute for Reactor Research 5303 Würenligen (Switzerland)
  • 2 Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik Postfach 103980 69 Heidelberg (BRD)
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A program for a large computer coded in FORTRAN IV is described. It has been tested thoroughly on an IBM 370/155, a CDC 6400/6500 and a CDC 3300. The program consists of nine versions which can perform most aspects of the evaluation of γ-spectra, from the simple smoothing of the raw data and detection of the peaks, up to a complete qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown samples. A new kind of two-step fitting for the calculation of the peak parameters is presented. It delivers sufficiently precise parameters for the qualitative analysis after a short first step, and if so desired, very precise ones for a quantitative analysis in the second step. Both steps together are as fast as the common one step approach. Its special features are its reliability and its easy applicability to many different purposes and equipments.