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  • 1 L. Eötvös University Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry P. O. Box 123 1443 Budapest (Hungary)
  • 2 National Research Centre Dokki Cairo Egypt
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The preparation of TBP-plasticized polyurethane foam containing iodine or silver dithizonate was described. Rapid isotope exchange separations of radioiodide and radiosilver on the plasticized iodine and silver dithizonate foams, respectively, were achieved by batch and column techniques. The effect of various factors on the exchange yield of radioiodide and radiosilver on the proposed reagent foams were critically investigated. The mobility of iodide ion in the iodine foam was proved to be high enough so that all the iodine coated membranes of the foam material are participating in the isotope exchange reaction and the equilibrium attained rapidly.