Author: I. Qureshi 1
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  • 1 Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology P.O. Nilore Nuclear Chemistry Division Islamabad Pakistan
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Forty elements in 21 coastal marine sediment samples collected duringthe second Antarctic scientific expedition from 18 different sites of Brekilenarea located at the coast of Antarctica were analysed by instrumental neutronactivation analysis (INAA) to detect eventual pollution. Radio-assay schemesfor three sets of elements after neutron irradiation and cooling were evolvedto avoid matrix effects. Data have been compared with those for sedimentsof various stations at Antarctica and two other regions in different continents.Lower concentration of certain elements in the Antarctic sediments reflectsless environmental exposition. Enrichment factors (EF) were calculated forall the elements using the earth crust as reference matrix, based on elementalvalues by MASON, TAYLOR and WEDEPOHL which show a normal pattern near to unityexcept for Ag and Br. The data obtained could also serve as a reference pointfrom which changes in the global environment can be studied. The quality assuranceof data was performed using standard reference materials (SRMs) of a similarmatrix (IAEA Marine Sediment SD-M/TM and Chinese Marine Sediment GBW 07313).