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  • 1 Peking University Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering Beijing 100871 P.R. China
  • | 2 China Institute for Radiation Protection PO Box 120 Taiyuan, Shanxi 030006 P.R. China
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The migration of 99Tc in a weak loess aquifer was investigated in-situ with undisturbed aquifer medium columns. The columns were obtained horizontally at a depth of 3236 m in an Underground Research Facility (URF). Quartz containing 3H (HTO) and 99Tc (in the form of 99TcO4-) was introduced into one end of the columns and the columns were covered tightly. Aquifer water was introduced into the columns directly from an experimental shaft in the UFR. Effluents from the columns were collected and the activity of 3H and 99Tc were determined with a liquid scintillation analyzer. The breakthrough curves of 3H and 99Tc indicate that 99Tc migrates a little faster than that 3H does in the aquifer.