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  • 1 Atomic Energy Authority Hot Laboratories Center Cairo Egypt
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Chemical factors such as pH, concentration and temperature affecting the removal of UO22+, Th4+, Fe3+, Cu2+, Pb2+,Cd2+, Ni2+, MnO4- and phenol by Eichornia crassipes aquatic plant from their solutions were examined. Maximum uptake of ions by Eichornia crassipes occurred at pH 4 to 6±0.5 at 25±3 °C. An initial rapid uptake phase for the first 6 hours followed by a slower near linear one was observed. One gram of Eichornia crassipes can accumulate about 25 mg UO22+, 5 mg Th4+, 30 mg Fe3+, 10 mg MnO4-, 15 mg Cu2+, 1.0 mg Pb2+, 1.5 mg Ni2+, 0.7 mg Cd2+ and or 25 mg of phenol.