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  • 1 Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute Noda, Kumatori, Sennan, Osaka 590-0494 Japan
  • | 2 Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute O-arai Engineering Center 4002 Narita O-arai, Ibaraki 311-1393 Japan
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Adsorption behavior of fission products in nitric acid solution on various alloys and metals was studied by using a multitracer produced by neutron irradiation of UO2. The adsorption behavior of the fission products 99Mo, 131I, 132Te, 140La, and 143Ce, and 239Np was simultaneously studied. Some chemical decontamination tests were also examined. Clear adsorption of 99Mo, 131I, and 132Te was observed, whereas adsorption of 140La, 143Ce, and 239Np was not. The adsorption characteristics were discussed by considering anion-exchange reaction and surface complexation.