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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Nuclear Recycle Group PREFRE Plant Tarapur Thane 401502 India
  • | 2 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Radiochemistry Division Trombay, Mumbai 400085 India
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Extraction of U(VI) from HNO3, HCl and HClO4 media using cyanex-272 (bis[2,4,4 trimethyl pentyl] phosphinic acid)/n-dodecane has been carried out. In the case of HNO3 and HClO4 media, the distribution ratio (D) value first decreases and then increases, whereas from HCl medium it first decreases and then remains constant with increase in H+ ion concentration. At lower acidities, U(VI) was extracted as UO2(HA2)2 by an ion exchange mechanism, whereas at higher acidities as UO2(NO3)2.2(H2A2) following a solvation mechanism. The D for U(VI) by cyanex-272, PC-88A and DEHPA at low acidities follows the order cyanex-272 > PC-88A > DEHPA. Also, cyanex-272 was found to extract U(VI) more efficiently than TBP at 2M HNO3. The effect of diluents on the extraction of U(VI) by cyanex-272 followed the order cyclohexane > n-dodecane > CCl4 > benzene. The loading of U(VI) into cyanex-272/n-dodecane from 2M HNO3 has shown that at saturation point, cyanex-272 was 78% loaded. No third phase was observed at the saturation level. The stripping of U(VI) from the loaded organic phase was not possible with water, it was poor with acetic acid and sodium acetate but quantitative with oxalic acid, ammonium carbonate and sodium carbonate.