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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Fuel Chemistry Division Trombay, Mumbai 400-085 India
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A new ion exchange material prepared by impregnating Aliquat-336 on silica-gel has been investigated for the recovery of plutonium from nitric-oxalic acid solutions. The distribution ratio of Pu(IV) was studied at various concentrations of nitric and oxalic acids. The presence of Al(III) and Fe(III) in the solution, enhances the uptake of Pu(IV). Pu(IV) breakthrough capacities (btc) have been determined using 2.5 ml bed of the ion exchange material column in the absence and the presence of Al(III) and Fe(III) nitrate. The elution behavior of Pu(IV) was also studied using nitric acid solutions containing reducing agents. More than 90% of plutonium could be recovered from nitric-oxalic acid solutions.