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  • 1 The University of Burdwan Department of Chemistry Burdwan 713 104 India
  • 2 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Chemical Sciences Division Chemical Sciences Division Kolkata 700 064 India
  • 3 Radiochemistry Division B.A.R.C. Mumbai 400 085 India
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95Tc has been produced through -particle activation of a natural niobium target. The carrier-free 95Tc radionuclide has been separated from the bulk target using tri-n-octylamine (TOA) diluted by cyclohexane as extracting agent and HCl, HNO3 as aqueous phase. Solid-liquid extraction has also been carried out with TOA impregnated Kieselguhr mineral acid system. Technetium-95 was recovered from the organic phase by stripping with 0.1M EDTA above pH 9.