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  • 1 Chungnam National University Department of Environmental Engineering Taejon 305-764 Korea
  • | 2 Sejong University Department of Geoinformation Sciences Seoul 143-747 Korea
  • | 3 Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute HANARO Center Taejon 305-600 Korea
  • | 4 Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources Environmental Geology Division Taejon 302-350 Korea
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Instrumental neutron activation analysis was used to measure the concentrations of about 27 elements associated with airborne PM 10 samples that were collected from a roadside sampling station at a moderately polluted urban area of Taejon city, Korea. The magnitude of their concentrations was clearly distinguished and spanned over four orders. If compared in terms of enrichment factors, it was found that certain elements (e.g., As, Br, Cl, Sb, Se, and Zn) are enriched in PM 10 samples of the study site. The factor analysis indicated three factors with statistical significance, which may exert dominant controls on regulating the metal concentration levels in the study area.