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  • 1 Gent University, Institut voor Nucleaire Wetenschappen Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Science (INW) Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent Belgium
  • | 2 Ghent Univ Lab. Anal. Chem., Inst. Nucl. Sci. Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent Belgium
  • | 3 University of Montenegro Fac. of Sci. Cetinjski put bb YU-81000 Podgorica Yugoslavia
  • | 4 Ghent Univ Geological Institute Krijgslaan 281 B-9000 Gent Belgium
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A study is made of the corrections that are needed in the evaluation of the annual radiation dose, for use in TL/OSL-dating, via NaI(Tl) field gamma-ray spectrometry (monitoring of K, Th and U), calibrated via voluminous blocks that are simulating the Auger hole measuring conditions. Two cases are considered: the Heidelberg granite calibration block, which was found to be quasi-infinite, and the Oxford concrete calibration blocks, for which effective concentrations of elements are reported so as to account for their non-infiniteness. The calculations, via the software package ANGLE, are based on the concept of effective solid angles for Marinelli geometries.