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  • 1 Czech Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering Department of Nuclear Chemistry Břehová 7 115 19 Prague 1 Czech Republic
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The kinetics of complexation (C) and decomplexation (D) reactions between Eu(III) and Aldrich humic acid (HA) was investigated as a function of pH (pH 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8) in the system Eu(III) - HA - Amberlite IR-120(Na) (I = 0.1). The derivation of the kinetic differential equations was based on the reactions of Eu3+ with, so called, strong (HAS) and weak (HAW) carboxylic groups of HA formulated in accordance with the new complexation model.1 The differential equations determining d[EuaHAS]/dt and d[EubHAW]/dt have the classical form applicable for reversible reactions where the forward reaction is the C-reaction and the reverse one is the D-reaction. Kinetic model used for the evaluation of experimental data includes these differential equations and the film diffusion model of sorption of Eu3+ on Amberlite IR-120(Na).