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  • 1 Peking University Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering Beijing 100871 P.R. China
  • | 2 China Institute for Radiation Protection P.O. Box 120 Taiyuan, Shanxi 030006 P.R. China
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The migration of 99Tc in unsaturated Chinese loess was investigated in-situ with a tracer method. Quartz containing 3H (HTO) and 99Tc (99TcO4-) was introduced into the bottom of an experimental pit which was then backfilled at the field test site. Then core soil samples were taken and cut vertically into 1 cm long slices. The slice samples were analyzed by liquid scintillation techniques in the laboratory. The results indicate that the migration pattern of 99Tc was quite similar to that of 3H and the vertical diffusion coefficients of 99Tc and 3H were calculated as (4.7±0.4).10-2 cm2/d and (7.8±0.4).10-2 cm2/d, respectively.