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  • 1 Institute of High Energy Physics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Nuclear Analytical Techniques P. O. Box 918 Beijing 100039 P.R. China E-mail
  • | 2 Academy of Agriculture Science Graduate School of Chinese Beijing 100081 P.R. China
  • | 3 Beijing Normal University School of Life Science Beijing 100875 P.R. China
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Chemical behavior of lanthanum in root tips excized from wheat seedlings growing at both promotional and inhibitory levels of LaCl3 in culture solutions was investigated by a sequential leaching procedure combined with instrumental neutron activation analysis. The results indicate that most of La exists in non-exchangeable species and the binding of La3+ to the root tips is extremely stable. The root tips during growing at the inhibitory level of LaCl3 absorb much more La than those at the promotional level. However, the La proportion in each fraction is similar for both groups.