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  • 1 Lanzhou University Lanzhou Radiochemistry Laboratory, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 730000 P.R. China
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The sorption of UO2 2+ on TiO2 was studied as a function of pH and ionic strength at moderate concentration (10-4-10-5mol/l) in the presence and absence of fulvic acid (FA, 20 mg/l). It was found that the sorption rates in the presence and absence of FA are fast and similar, slowly and similarly increased with increasing pH from 2 to 10. The sorption in the absence of FA increased with increasing ionic strength while, in the presence of FA it decreased. FA caused a relative enhancement in the sorption at pH<6. The sorptions in the presence and absence of FA at constant pH followed the linear sorption isotherm, and the distribution coefficients found are of the order of 10 to 103 ml/g.