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N,N,N',N',N'',N''-Hexaethyl-2,2′,2''-(nitrilotrisethyleneoxy-2-benzyloxy)tris(acetamide) (L3) has been prepared and characterized by using IR, 1H NMR and positive-ion FAB mass spectra. The extraction of Th4+ and UO2 2+ with N,N,N',N',N'',N''-hexaethyl-2,2',2''- (nitrilo-trisethyleneoxy)tris(acetamide) (L1), N,N,N',N',N'',N''-hexaisopropyl-2,2',2''-(nitrilotrisethyleneoxy)tris(acetamide) (L2), and L3 was studied at 20±1 °C as a function of diluent, concentration of free extractant in organic phase and concentration of picrate in aqueous phase. It was found that the extracting powers of L1 and L2 for Th4+ are almost identical. The extracting power of L2 for UO22+ was slightly higher than that of L1. The difference in terminal groups (ethyl or isopropyl) of the extractants (L1 and L2) with same backbone has a little effect on the extracting power for both Th4+ and UO22+. The extracting powers of L3 for both Th4+ and UO22+ were larger than those of L1 and L2. The extractants (L1 and L3) having the same terminal group (ethyl) with different backbones have obviously different extracting powers for Th4+ or UO22+. The extracting powers of all three extractants L1, L2, and L3 for Th4+ were larger than those for UO22+. The compositions of extracted species in organic phase were predominantly ThL(Pic)3NO3 and UO2L(Pic)NO3, respectively (L denotes L1, L2 and L3).