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  • 1 Tajura Nuclear Research Center Department of Neutron Activation Analysis P.O. Box 84518 Tripoli Libya
  • | 2 Al-Khadra University Hospital Surgical Department Tripoli Libya
  • | 3 School of Chemistry and Food Technology National University of Malaysia Malaysia
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The paper focuses on the validation of the k0-method of instrumental neutron activation analysis (k0-INAA) in the Tajura Nuclear Research Center (TNRC) via the analysis of several certified reference materials. The selected reference materials were: SRM 1572 Citrus Leaves, SRM 1575 Pine Needles, IAEA-A11 Milk Powder, IAEA-V-10 Hay Powder, RM IAEA-Soil-7 and RM IAEA-SL-1 Lake Sediment. The method is based on the PC version Kayzero/Solcoi software package issued by DSM. All the samples, reference materials and monitors were irradiated in various positions of the Tajura reactor with different f and α. The parameters f and α (f — thermal/epithermal neutron flux ratio, α — parameter accounting for the non-ideality of the 1/E epithermal neutron fluence rate distribution) were determined using the bare triple monitor method. The results obtained for all the reference materials are in good agreement with the certified values.