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  • 1 Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources Ion Beam Application Group Daejon 305-350 Korea
  • | 2 Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Nuclear Data Evaluation Laboratory Daejon 305-600 Korea
  • | 3 Korea Science Service Institute Seoul 137-130 Korea
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A nanosecond proton bunching system has been constructed at Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM). This pulsed ion beam will be converted into corresponding duration of neutron pulse, which can reduce the scattered neutron background during neutron spectroscopy. The pulsed beam is obtained by deflection and double bunching by RF field. RF fields are applied to deflection and bunching electrodes as 2 kV p-p, 4 MHz and 2 kV p-p, 8 MHz, respectively. A push-pull RF amplifier has been designed and constructed with a maximum output power of 300 W continuous wave (CW) between 2 and 30 MHz. The main parameters of bunching beam were as follows: 8 MHz repetition rate, 2 ns FWHM, approximately 20% of duty factor and the maximum energy spread of 2 keV within a pulse.