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  • 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Modern Physics Lanzhou 730000 P.R. China
  • | 2 China Institute of Atomic Energy Beijing 102413 P.R. China
  • | 3 Peking University School of Physics Beijing 1000871 P.R. China
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The neutron-rich target-like isotope 236Th has been produced in the 238U-2p multinucleon transfer reaction between a 60 MeV/u 18O beam and natural 238U targets. The activities of thorium were determined after radiochemical separation of Th from the mixture of uranium and reaction products. The 236Th isotope was identified by the characteristic γ-rays of 642.2, 687.6 and 229.6 keV. The production cross section of 236Th was determined to be 250±50 μb.