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  • 1 Tokyo Metropolitan University Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science Hachioji Tokyo 192-0397 Japan
  • | 2 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Department of Environmental Science Tokai Ibaraki 319-1195 Japan
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In order to search for isotopic anomalies of U caused by the disintegration of 247Cm in meteorite samples, an analytical scheme for determining 235U/238U ratio for a small amount of uranium (less than 1 ng U) was established. The isotopic ratio of U was determined by double-focusing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (DF-ICP-MS). With a great improvement of chemical procedure for purifying the uranium fraction separated from meteorite samples, a variation in 235U/238U ratios was resolved at an order of ±4‰ for 100 ppt or 200 pg U in solution. For applying the procedure in searching an evidence of 247Cm as an extinct radionuclide in the early solar system, a selective chemical dissolution of constituent minerals of meteorites using EDTA and HCl was introduced and a chemical purification scheme of uranium for ICP-MS was established.