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  • 1 Peking University First Hospital Department of Nuclear Medicine Beijing 100034 P.R. China
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A 18-mer partial phosphorothioate oligonucleotide sequence was synthesized and grafted in 5′ with a tyramine group which was further radioiodinated. The Namalwa (VH 1 family) and HL-60 cell lines were transducted with liposome-mediated 125I-FR1-ASON. Liposome-mediated 131I-FR1-ASON and 131I labeled sense oligonucleotides were injected intratumorally into tumor-bearing BALB/c mice (6 weeks after inoculation of 107 Namalwa cells). Biodistribution was monitored by sequential scintigraphy and organ radioactivity measurement at 24 hours after injection. The transduction efficiency in Namalwa cell lines reached (26.8±1.54)% that was higher than HL-60 cell lines. Antisense probe images show tracer accumulation in tumor.