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  • 1 CAEP Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry P. O. Box 919-214 Mianyang 621900 P.R. China
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The radiation effect of γ-ray on polyether-urethane foam was studied. The gas products from irradiated samples were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by gas chromatography, the thermal property and radical intensity were determined by differential thermal gravimetry and electron spin resonance. The dynamic mechanical property, compression and tensile properties were analyzed. Positron annihilation lifetime of irradiated samples was also measured at room temperature in vacuum. The results show that the general mechanical properties of ETPU sample irradiated by γ-rays at a dose of 8.0·105 Gy is excellent, but there are considerable gas products and a great deal of radicals created, which indicates that the sample has been damaged by radiation. Relatively, the thermal stability of the sample remained fine.