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  • 1 Centre National de l’Energie des Sciences et des Techniques Nucleaires 65, Rue Tansift Agdal, Rabat Marocco
  • 2 Laboratorie de Geochemie de l ‘Ecole Supérieure des Mines of St ‘Etienne Paris France
  • 3 J. Stefan Institute Jamova 39 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
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Elemental analyses of 10 geological samples from Morocco and some Standard Reference Materials were performed by Energy Dispersion X-Rays Fluorescence, Wavelength Dispersion X-Rays Fluorescence and Neutron Activation Analysis techniques in order to assess the accuracy and sensitivity of the concentrations determined with regard to requirements in geochemical exploration. The possibilities of utilization of EDXRF as an appropriate and economic technique for the analysis of various elements which are important in interpretation of geochemical data were evaluated.