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  • 1 Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research Fuel Chemistry Division Kalpakkam 603 102 India
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Batch and dynamic extractions of uranium(VI) in 10−3–10−2M concentrations in 3–4M nitric acid medium have been investigated using a commercially available phosphinic acid resin (Tulsion CH-96). The extraction of uranium(VI) has been studied as a function of time, batch factor (V/m), concentrations of nitric acid and uranium(VI) ion. Dual extraction mechanism unique to phosphinic acid resin has been established for the extraction of uranium(VI). Distribution coefficient (K d) of uranium(VI) initially decreases with increasing concentration of nitric acid, reaches a minimum value at 1.3M, followed by increases in K d. A maximum K d value of ∼2000 ml/g was obtained at 5.0M nitric acid. Batch extraction data has been fitted into the linearized Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The performance of the resin under dynamic extraction conditions was assessed by following the breakthrough behavior of the system. Effect of flow rate, concentrations of nitric acid and uranium ion in the feed on the breakthrough behavior of the system was studied and the data was fitted using Thomas model.