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  • 1 University of Nevada Las Vegas Department of Chemistry Las Vegas NV 89154-4003 USA
  • | 2 University of Nevada Las Vegas Department of Health Physics Las Vegas NV 89154-3037 USA
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Iodine-129 is a fission product and highly mobile in the environment. Along with other stable isotopes of iodine, 129I is released during reprocessing of nuclear fuel and must be trapped to prevent the release of radioactivity to the environment. Past studies have provided evidence that iodine can become associated with natural organic matter (NOM). This research explores the use of NOM (sphagnum peat and humic acid) to sequester iodine from the vapor and aqueous phases. NOM-associated iodine may be stable for geological storage. NOM-sequestered iodine can be recovered by pyrolysis to prepare target materials for transmutation. The nature of the NOM-iodine association has been explored.