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  • 1 Technische Universität München Institut für Radiochemie Walther-Meissner-Strasse 3 85748 Garching Germany
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Cryosublimation is one technique, which allows the accumulation of tritium from aqueous solutions using certain chemical compounds. After studying several inorganic compounds such as zeolites and metal salts,1 as well as some humic substances,2 we have now investigated several mono-and polysaccharides, such as glucose, maltose, galactose, starch, agar, and gelatine. Except for starch all of the above mentioned compounds showed a clear enrichment of tritium. The highest value was reached for Agartine, which gave an enrichment factor of 6.2. Since mono-and polysaccharides form weak hydrogen bonds, these results prove again our theory that tritium is preferably accumulated in exchangeable hydrogen bonds.