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  • 1 Institute for Transuranium Elements European Commission, JRC P. O. Box 2340 D-76125 Karlsruhe Germany
  • | 2 European Commission JRC A.6., Square De Meeus 10-060 Brussels Belgium
  • | 3 Institute of Physics Savanoriu ave. 231 LT-02300 Vilnius Lithuania
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A set of 35 uranium ore and 10 yellow cake samples, collected worldwide from different mines and production sites, were analyzed for their impurity spectrum by ICP-MS. Pattern recognition techniques such as cluster analysis were applied to the data set in order to characterize samples with relation to their geographical origin. The results obtained show a clear relationship between samples taken from the same geological origin and constitute a satisfactory fingerprint for establishing the origin of the material. In addition to the impurity data, data on the isotopic composition of radiogenic lead is used to resolve ambiguity when impurity cluster analysis fails to deliver unambiguous origin data.