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  • 1 Nuclear Physics Institute ASCR CZ-250 68 Řež Czech Republic
  • | 2 Research Centre, Ltd. Řež Czech Republic
  • | 3 Institute of Geology ASCR Prague Czech Republic
  • | 4 Cologne University of Applied Sciences Cologne Germany
  • | 5 Center for Khmer Studies Siem Reap Cambodia
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We determined 35 major, minor and trace elements in sandstone samples taken from building blocks of 19 Angkor temples and from an old and a new quarry using INAA. We also characterized the sandstone samples with conventional microscopy and electron microprobe analysis. Using cluster analysis, we found no straightforward correlation between the chemical/petrological properties of the sandstones and a presumed period of individual temples construction. The poor correlation may result either from the inherent inhomogeneity of sandstone or just reflect the diversity of quarries that supplied building blocks for the construction of any particular temple.