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  • 1 Canberra Industries 800 Research Parkway Meriden Connecticut 06450 USA
  • 2 National Academy of Science Institute for Nuclear Research Kiev Ukraine
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When radionuclides decay by cascading photons, the accuracy of the measured nuclide activity may be affected by true coincidence summing effects. The effects can be quantified by Monte Carlo simulations that can handle correlated γ-and X-ray emissions from a radionuclide. Analysis techniques are also available commercially to correct for the effects due to cascading γ-rays. The MCNP-CP code was used to compute the effects in high purity germanium detectors for several commonly used nuclides and geometries and the results were compared to measurements and an analysis technique. Excellent agreement in true coincidence summing corrections predicted by MCNP-CP and the analysis technique was obtained. In addition, the X-ray true coincidence summing effects were evaluated.