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  • 1 Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute HANARO Center 1045 Daedeok-daero, Yuseong-gu Daejeon 305-353 Korea
  • | 2 Chungnam National University Department of Environmental Engineering 79 Daehack-ro, Yuseong-gu Daejeon 305-764 Korea
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For air pollution monitoring, about 1300 airborne particulate matter samples were collected by using a low volume air sampler and a polycarbonate filter at two sampling sites in an urban region, Daejeon, the middle of Korea from 2003 to 2006. Mass concentrations of the black carbon were measured using a smoke stain reflectometer. The concentrations of 24 elements in the collected samples were analyzed by using instrumental neutron activation analysis, and its temporal trends and enrichment factors were investigated under different environmental conditions. Analytical control was carried out by using certified reference materials.