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  • 1 Institute for Environmental Sciences Rokkasho, Aomori 039-3212 Japan
  • 2 Tohoku Nuclear Co. Ltd. Misawa, Aomori 033-0024 Japan
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Atmospheric concentrations of 210Pb change with various factors such as meso-scale meteorological conditions. We have already reported the biweekly atmospheric 210Pb concentrations in Rokkasho, Japan for 5 years and found that they had clear seasonal variations: low concentrations in summer and high values in winter to spring. To study the reasons for the seasonal variations, the origins of the air mass flowing to Rokkasho were analyzed by 3-D backward air mass trajectory analysis. Routes of the calculated trajectories were classified into four regions: northeastern and southeastern Asian Continent, sea and other regions. The atmospheric 210Pb concentrations were well correlated with the frequency of the routes through the northeastern Asian Continent. A non-linear multiple regression analysis of the 210Pb concentrations and the relative frequencies of the four routes showed good fitting of the predicted values to the observed ones, and indicated that the atmospheric 210Pb concentrations in Rokkasho depended on the frequency of the air mass from the northeastern Asian Continent.