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  • 1 North China Electric Power University School of Nuclear Science and Engineering 100080 Beijing P.R. China
  • | 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Plasma Physics P.O. Box 1126 230031 Hefei P.R. China
  • | 3 Shandong University of Technology School of Chemical Engineering 255049 Zibo P.R. China
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MX-80 bentonite is considered as one of the best backfill materials for high-level radioactive nuclear waste. Herein, the bentonite is characterized by using XRD and FTIR techniques. Sorption of radionickel to MX-80 bentonite in the presence/absence of humic acid (HA) or fulvic acid (FA) as a function of pH is investigated. The results indicate that the presence of HA or FA decreases the sorption of Ni2+ obviously. The different experimental processes do not affect the sorption of nickel to FA/HA bound bentonite. The sorption of Ni2+ on FA/HA-bound bentonite decreases with the increasing FA/HA content in the systems. The mechanism of nickel sorption is also discussed in detail.