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  • 1 Saha institute of Nuclear Physics Chemical Sciences Division 1/AF Bidhannagar Kolkata 700064 India
  • 2 Calcutta University 35-B. C. Road Kolkata 700019 India
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Interaction of albumin with no-carrier-added metal radionuclides was studied in multielemental environment using dialysis technique. No-carrier-added 197mHg, 199–201Tl, 199–200Pb, 204Bi and 204,205Po were produced by irradiating Au target consecutively with 7Li and 12C beams. Similarly, 61Cu, 66–68Ga, 62,63Zn, 66,67,69Ge, 71,72As and 73Se were produced by irradiating cobalt target consecutively with 16O, 7Li and 12C projectiles. These no-carrier-added radionuclides were chemically separated from the bulk target before studying their interaction with albumin. It was found that Hg and Ga strongly bind with albumin, whereas Bi, Po, As, and Se do not bind at all with albumin. The binding affinities of Pb, Tl, Cu and Zn radionuclides towards albumin are moderate.