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  • 1 Ahmadu Bello University Centre for Energy Research and Training Zaria Nigeria
  • 2 Ahmadu Bello University Department of Physics Zaria Nigeria
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The k0-IAEA program developed for implementation of the single comparator instrumental neutron activation analysis method (k0-INAA) has been used for elemental analysis with NIRR-1 irradiation and counting facilities. The existing experimental protocols for routine analysis based on the relative method were used to test the capability and reliability of the program for the analyses of geological and biological samples. The Synthetic Multi-element Standards (SMELS) types I, II and III recommended by the international k0 user community for the validation of k0-NAA method in NAA laboratories, furthermore, the following standard reference materials: NIST-1633b (Coal Fly Ash) and IAEA-336 (Lichen) were analyzed. Results obtained with the version 3.12 of the k0-IAEA program were found to be in good agreement with the data obtained with the established relative method using WINSPAN-2004 software. Detection limits for elemental analysis of geological and biological samples with NIRR-1 facilities are provided.