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  • 1 Research Center for Radiation Protection, National Institute of Radiological Sciences Nakaminato Laboratory for Marine Radioecology Isozaki-cho 3609, Hitachinaka Ibaraki 311-1202 Japan
  • 2 National Institute of Radiological Sciences Fundamental Technology Center Anagawa 4-9-1, Inage-ku Chiba 263-8555 Japan
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A technique to determine concentrations of 32P, 33P and 7Be in dissolved and particulate forms, in the upper ocean was developed. By using a large volume in situ filtration and concentration system (LV-FiCS), several tons of seawater at different depths were filtered concurrently through two kinds of filters. The dissolved radionuclides were concentrated onto adsorbents in the LV-FiCS. The radionuclides obtained were further purified by precipitation and ion-exchange chromatography, and quantified by gamma-spectrometry and ultra-low level liquid scintillation counter measurements. The technique was used with good results in a coastal area of Ibaraki, Japan.