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  • 1 College of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University Key Laboratory of Radiopharmaceuticals, Ministry of Education Beijing 100875 P.R. China
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In the present study, a novel 99mTc nitrido dithiocarbamate complex containing ether group, the bis(2-ethoxyethyl dithiocarbamato) nitrido 99mTc complex 99mTcN(EOEDTC)2 has been synthesized by the reduction of 99mTcO4 into [99mTcN]2+ with stannous chloride in the presence of succinic dihydrazide and propylenediamine tetraacetic acid, followed by the addition of the corresponding dithiocarbamate ligand. The radiochemical purity of the complex was over 90% as measured by thin layer chromatography (TLC). In vitro studies showed that the complex possessed good stability. Its partition coefficient indicated that it was lipophilic complex. The electrophoresis results showed the complex was neutral. Biodistribution in mice showed that the complex accumulated in the heart and brain with high initial uptake, suggesting the complex may lead to a further development of the radiopharmaceutical as a heart and brain perfusion tracer.