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  • 1 Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research Chemistry Group Kalpakkam 603 102 India
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The commercially available crystalline silicotitanate inorganic ion exchanger, IONSIV IE-911, and its parent precursor, TAM-5, have been evaluated for the removal of 137Cs from nitric acid medium and simulated high-level liquid waste. The distribution coefficient (Kd) of cesium decreased with increasing nitric acid concentration and at 3.0 M nitric acid, a distribution coefficient of 1150 mL/g and 2600 mL/g were obtained for IONSIV IE-911 and TAM-5, respectively. Rapid uptake of cesium followed by the establishment of equilibrium occurring within three hours. Loading of cesium in ion exchangers increased with the increase in the concentration of cesium in aqueous phase and from Langmuir adsorption model the apparent capacity of cesium was 69 mg/g and 82 mg/g for IONSIV IE-911 and TAM-5, respectively. The performance of the sorbent under dynamic conditions was assessed by following a breakthrough (BT) curve up to C/Co = 1, where C and Co are the concentrations of cesium in the effluent and feed, respectively.